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For more information regarding horses, other animals and the local northern Nevada area, click on underlined areas. Any links to external sites will open in a new browser window.   External sites are not part of VRWPA and VRWPA has no control over their content.

While most of the following sites are for registered non-profit organizations, you may want to verify their status before donating money to any of them. We list sites we receive without an in-depth investigation, so please remain cautious when browsing these sites.  

American Herds Devoted to the Preservation of Wild Horses & Burros

Wild Burro Rescue & Preservation Project

The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

Laurel Monreal Photography Excellent photographs of wild horses

Wild Horse and Burro Expo

Mustangs “4″ Us

Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue

True Innocents Equine Rescue

Monty Roberts “The Man Who Listens to Horses”

John Lyons – Resistance Free Training

Wild Animal Infirmary

Wildlife Rescue

Nevada Humane Society

Nevada Cooperative Extension

Bureau of Land Management Horse adoptions


Information for Virginia City Highlands Property Owners click here

Information for Highland Ranches Property Owners  click here

Storey County Fire Department  -    Website 

Virginia City Convention and Tourism Authority (VCCTA)

NEVADA - Official State website

Prison Industries

 Local Newspapers and TV Stations:

Reno Gazette Journal 

  Nevada Appeal

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K T V N   CH 2  

K R N V   CH 4

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