Sandy Tyson
Sandy passed away this summer (2019) and will be remembered for her years of service to VRWPA. She was on the board from 2000 – 2007 as Secretary, Vice President and President. As a volunteer for VRWPA she will be remembered as someone who loved our wild horses. One of the projects she helped with was the Inmate Scholarship Fund, which was the start of the wild horse training program at Warm Springs Prison in Carson City. She helped with fundraising to allow VRWPA to donate equipment and supplies for the prison program. She helped to get the agreement with Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) to have VRWPA act as an agent for adoption of the wild horses.
Her husband Dale made a generous donation to VRWPA in her memory and has agreed to make an annual generous donation for the next 10 years in his Trust.
Her family and friends should be proud of her achievements and passion for our wildlife. We are grateful for her and will have fond memories of Sandy.
Rest in Peace.