Virginia Range Clean Up

Remote areas on the Virginia Range in Northern Nevada become a dumping ground for all kinds of trash.  Broken glass bottles, aluminum cans, furniture and even old discarded cars,become a scourge on the landscape.  Of course, this is dangerous for wild horses and wildlife.  David McCraw, CEO / Publisher of the Nevada Country Magazine, spearheaded a clean-up project.  On Saturday October […]

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Birth Control – PZP

With the cooperative agreement, signed in 2015, VRWPA agreed to implement humane fertility control measures to reduce the population. Thanks to American Wild Horse Campaign four volunteers were sent to The Science and Conservation Center in Billings MT to take the Wild Horse Immunocontraception Certification Training under Dr. Jay Kirkpatrick.  In September 2015, mares in the

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Centennial Park Fencing

VRWPA is working with the Carson City Parks, Recreation and Open Space to install a fence at Centennial Park. This fence will help keep the wild horses in the hills and off the golf course, softball fields and out of the businesses and neighborhoods as well. There will be a pedestrian access to the trail

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