Virginia Range Clean Up

Remote areas on the Virginia Range in Northern Nevada become a dumping ground for all kinds of trash.  Broken glass bottles, aluminum cans, furniture and even old discarded cars,become a scourge on the landscape.  Of course, this is dangerous for wild horses and wildlife.  David McCraw, CEO / Publisher of the Nevada Country Magazine, spearheaded a clean-up project.  On Saturday October 22, 2023, a group of twelve volunteers came out to remove debris from the hillsides where development meets open space.

On that clear and sunny day, the dedicated people that offered their time were rewarded with the attention of two majestic Pinto stallions.  The wild horses watched over the volunteers as they combed the hillsides removing junk.  Almost in appreciation, a few bachelors closely observed the activity.  A big thank you to members of Wild Horse Preservation League (WHPL) and Virginia Range Wildlife Projection Association (VRWPA) in joining the worthwhile effort.

If you are interested in helping with VRWPA’s clean up efforts, please call 775 583-7401 and leave a message. See you on the range!